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Tiger Bay Wetlands near the Window on the Wetlands Centre Warren NSW

“There’s no place quite like it!”

Education, culture and information

The Window on the Wetlands (WOW) Centre is a community-run education, recreation and cultural centre and the gateway to the wetlands of the region, including Tiger Bay Wetlands next door and the Macquarie Marshes/Maliyanga ngurra, 120km north of Warren NSW. The Centre was established by RiverSmart in 2015. We also host Warren Shire Council’s “Warren and Macquarie Marshes Visitor Information Centre” located in the schoolhouse building.

Landscape painting by Wayilwan artist Peter Mackay of Warren, the Macquarie River and the Beemunnel near Warren NSW
Painting by Wayilwan artist, Peter Mackay, Warren NSW (supplied courtesy of the artist)

Warren Shire

Window on the Wetlands (WOW) Centre is open

Every day, 8.15am – 5pm
2 Coonamble Road Warren NSW

What to do at the WOW Centre

Check out what’s happening at the Window on the Wetlands (WOW) Centre in our events calendar. We have a program of tours, workshops, exhibitions and community events. You can also stay in touch with what’s happening through our Facebook Page.

How to see the Macquarie Marshes

You can see parts of the Marshes from the road if you travel along Gibson Way from either Quambone on the eastern side of the Marshes or the Carinda Road on the western side of the Marshes. You should always check road conditions before heading out, particularly following rain. There is accommodation available on Gibson Way at Willie Retreat (check availability in advance through Facebook Messenger). You can also have a Marshes experience from the elevated position of the Burrima Boardwalk, located on a private property on the western edge of the Northern Nature Reserve, accessed via the Carinda Road. Visitor access to Burrima is via online registration (link below). NOTE: THE BURRIMA IS CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING

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